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Law Alerts of 'October', '2014'

California State Bar to Undertake Second Revision of Rules of Professional Conduct
he California Supreme Court has returned to the State Bar 17 revisions to the California Rules of Professional Conduct that the Bar had previously submitted to the court. The court asked the State Bar to set up a second commission to further revise the rules. The original set of revisions was drafted by a State Bar commission of attorneys over a 10-year period beginning in 2001. Those revisions generally followed the ABA's Model Rules format, albeit with many significant departures from the substance of the ABA Model Rules. In August the State Bar requested the court to return the rule submissions for reconsideration and restructuring of the rule revision process. In September the supreme court granted that request and returned the filings to the State Bar, along with a letter asking the State Bar to establish a second commission by Thanksgiving, with a deadline for submission of final rule changes by the end of March 2017.