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We offer a broad array of print and digital resources and CLE programs in Litigation, Administrative Procedure, Appellate Law, Torts, Insurance, and other litigation and civil practice disciplines. Notable publications include California Civil Procedure Before Trial, California Government Tort Liability Practice, California Civil Discovery Practice and California Attorney Fee Awards. The OnLAW Litigation Library provides online legal analysis and procedural guidance with the added advantages of the web: speed, search capabilities, portability, and links to cited cases and codes. We offer as well many Civil Litigation & Torts CLE webinars and On Demand programs.

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Six Essentials Every Trial Lawyer Must Know About Appeals

Don’t blow your appeal during pre-trial or trial phase. Trial lawyers need to know how to preserve the record and set up the case for possible appeal. Failing to do so could be malpractice. Here are six essentials that will have you and your client covered.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit

The Business Records Exception to the Hearsay Rule

Fine tune your evidentiary skills with the help of Judge Renée Korn and Judge Scott Gordon from the Los Angeles County Superior Court, as they focus on the relationship between hearsay and business records. You will learn how to successfully apply the business records exception rule during trial.


1 Hour MCLE Credit

The California Municipal Law Handbook 2019

This handbook gives you the background, tools, and guidance you need in all major areas of California municipal law. Known as the definitive resource in its field, this work of over 300 municipal attorneys from the City Attorneys’ Department of the League of California Cities is published annually by CEB.


The US Supreme Court October Term 2017 Decided Cases


Join acclaimed Supreme Court scholar Rex Heinke for our annual recap of select decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States.

1 Hour MCLE Credit



Tips and Strategies for Your Next Voir Dire

Modern voir dire is controlled by judges who have wide latitude to limit voir dire by attorneys. This program provides tips and strategies for using voir dire to evaluate and establish rapport with potential jurors and to exclude those who may be disinclined to vote in your client’s favor.
1 hour MCLE Credit



Tips for Drafting Contention Interrogatories

Contention interrogatories seek the facts, witnesses and documents supporting a legal contention. Drafted and used properly, contention interrogatories can be a powerful tool to force your opponent to lay out their case. Erika Gasaway provides tips and information for how to use contention interrogatories in your case, including tips on how to draft them.


.75 Hours MCLE Credit



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