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We offer a wide array of resources for criminal law attorneys, from authoritative law books to powerful online resources and timely CLE programs. These include our flagship publication, California Criminal Law Procedure and Practice, widely known as the “crim law bible,” and titles published jointly with the California Center for Judicial Education and Research (CJER), including Felony Sentencing Handbook, Mandatory Criminal Jury Instructions Handbook, and others. These practice books and many others are available in our OnLAW Criminal Law Library.

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DUI Forensics

This presentation is based upon the science of the breath testing device and discrepancies between breath sample estimation of true blood alcohol content, and the estimates reported by a breath alcohol machine when attempting to estimate blood alcohol concentrations. Breath samples given during the absorption phase lead to erroneously high estimates of the blood alcohol concentration of the subject.


0.75 Hours MCLE Credit

Evidence Made Easy; Character Evidence: "Street Smarts" Part I

Navigating the rules of character evidence, and the nuances of exceptions to the rules, is difficult for the best of attorneys. New lawyers may remember the rules from the bar exam, but have no context for these rules. This series, presented by the Honorable Judge Judith Meyer, is designed to give oral and written explanations for the rules, and provides examples for their practical application of the rules. This three-part series is designed to help an attorney refresh their recollection on both federal and California evidence rules involving character. Part 1 of 3.


1 Hour MCLE Credit

Forensic Toxicology

Complete discovery and analysis of toxicology results is critical for both prosecution and defense.  Learn what to look for, how to avoid the various pitfalls, and how this evidence impacts a fact-finder’s decision in a criminal case.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit

Specialization: Criminal Law

From Arrest to Arraignment

This presentation will arm the criminal defense attorney with all the important dos and don'ts from arrest to arraignment. The unwritten rules for success for await you.


1 Hour MCLE Credit

Gun Relinquishment Prior to Sentencing

This program will cover compliance with the gun relinquishment provisions and the potential ramifications of this additional requirement.


1 Hour MCLE Credit
Specialization: Substantive Criminal Law and Procedure



IoT and Cell Phone Data Forensics

With the rise of internet connected devices, from home security devices to smart phones, a wealth of data is constantly being collected that could become evidence in your case. This program will cover the sources of such data, how to gain access to it, its uses, and limitations.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit, including 1.5 Hours Specialization in Criminal Law

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