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We offer a wide array of resources for criminal law attorneys, from authoritative law books to powerful online resources and timely CLE programs. These include our flagship publication, California Criminal Law Procedure and Practice, widely known as the “crim law bible,” and titles published jointly with the California Center for Judicial Education and Research (CJER), including Felony Sentencing Handbook, Mandatory Criminal Jury Instructions Handbook, and others. These practice books and many others are available in our OnLAW Criminal Law Library.

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Prosecutorial Error in Discovery: Brady and Beyond

Retired Los Angeles Assistant Head Deputy District District Attorney Bill Woods will take you through Brady and other cases that have shaped a prosecutor’s discovery obligations. He will also cover the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct and how the proposed changes to the rules might affect disclosure obligations under Brady.


1 hour MCLE Credit

1 hour (C) Substantive Criminal Law and Procedure


SB1437: California’s Felony Murder Reform

The passage of SB1437 offers some relief to defendants convicted of murder pursuant to “felony murder” or “natural and probable consequences.” Although a simple form has been made available to request relief, applying the new rule is complicated. Learn from lead drafter, Kate Chatfield, what the law does, the procedure for applying for relief, and how the applications are being handled in different counties across the state.


1 Hour MCLE Credit, including 1 Hour Specialization in Criminal Law

SCOTUS: The 2016-2017 Term

Join acclaimed Supreme Court scholar Rex Heinke for our annual recap of select decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States.


1 hour MCLE Credit

Sex Offender Registration under the Three-Tiered System

Recent revisions to California Penal Code § 290 have resulted in a three-tiered system of ending most registration requirements after 10 or 20 years that is set to become fully operative by 2022. This program provides an overview of the revisions to the law and explains the effects on those who are currently subject to registration as well as those who might become subject to registration after the operative dates.


1 Hour MCLE Credit, including 1 hour of Criminal Law Specialization

The Basics 2017: Case Settlement Before Trial

Before advising your client to accept a plea, you must ensure your client understands the full implications of the plea bargain. The most important complications are covered along with an overview of other potential consequences criminal attorneys need to look out for.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit.

Specialization: Substantive Criminal Law and Procedure.

The Basics 2017: Clients and Practice Management

Learn how to bring in criminal defense cases, start the client relationship off on the right foot, and ensure you are paid. This program covers the essentials for setting up a criminal practice, establishing good attorney/client relationships, dealing with clients who are incarcerated, ethical engagement and retainer practices, and more.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit, including 1 hour in Legal Ethics.

Specialization: Other Subjects Related to Criminal Law.

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