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Our Employment Law resources deliver authoritative information in Employment Law Practice and Workers’ Compensation. Notable publications include Advising California Employers and Empoyees, Employee Leave Laws: Compliance and Litigation, Wrongful Employment Termination Practice, and more. These and other Employment Law publications are also available in our CEB and Simmons Employment Law OnLAW Library, which gives you the added advantages of the web: speed, search capabilities, portability, and links to cited cases and codes. Employment Law developments and topics are covered in our CLE webinars and On Demand programs.

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The California Municipal Law Handbook 2021

This handbook gives you the background, tools, and guidance you need in all major areas of California municipal law. Known as the definitive resource in its field, this work of over 300 municipal attorneys from the City Attorneys’ Department of the League of California Cities is published annually by CEB.


Recently cited as authority by the California Supreme Court (Wilde v City of Dunsmuir, 9 C5th 1105, 1127.).


Advising California Employers and Employees

Be ready to deal with virtually any workplace issue your clients may face.


California Wage and Hour Law and Litigation

This is your award-winning guide to a constantly developing area of law. Use it as a handbook for counseling your clients about compliance with complex wage and hour rules or as a primer for litigating a wage and hour case whether you represent the employer or the employee.


California Workers’ Compensation Practice

Handle workers' compensation matters with ease using this essential, practice-oriented guide.


California Workers’ Damages Practice

Whether you’re representing plaintiff or defendant, this resource delivers authoritative guidance that will allow you to vigorously advocate on behalf of your client.


Drafting Employment Documents for California Employers

Spot important legal issues and draft employment-related documents quickly and competently using this essential practice guide.

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