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CEB is renowned as the leading source of California estate planning resources, with offerings in Planning, Trust & Probate Practice, Taxation, and Elder Law & Incapacity, among others. Our authoritative and recognized publications include Drafting California Revocable Trusts, California Trust Administration, California Decedent Estate Practice, and Fiduciary Accounting Handbook. The OnLAW Estate Planning Library—a virtual encyclopedia of estate planning law—provides online legal analysis and procedural guidance written by and for California judges and lawyers. We offer many Estate Planning CLE programs and webinars and maintain an especially large library of Estate Planning On Demand programs.

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2017 Top 20: Estate Planning & Administration

This program is an annual review of the changes that are most significant to California trusts and estates practitioners.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit

Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law; Taxation Law

An Overview of Capacity and Undue Influence

Trusts and estates attorneys are routinely called upon to determine the capacity of clients or potential clients. But how do you determine if someone has legal capacity? Or is being inappropriately influenced by relatives, caregivers or friends? Making the appropriate determination of how to proceed as an attorney once incapacity is recognized is key for appropriate representation. Join Joe Morrill and Heather Matsumoto Hoekstra as they discuss these issues and more.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit, including 1.5 hours in Legal Ethics

An Overview of Gift Planning

Gift planning is a standard skill set in an estate planner’s repertoire. There is no single set of operating instructions for how clients give, but there are firm tax rules that have to be followed all of the time. This program provides an overview of these rules.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit

Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, Taxation

Basics Conference 2018: Estate Planning

Learn skills and gain confidence in this course designed to dissect the basic concepts, instruments and techniques of estate planning. Get comprehensive practice-oriented knowledge essential in starting a thriving estate planning practice.


12 Hours MCLE Credit, including 4 Hours in Legal Ethics. Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law; Taxation



Conservation Easements: Tax Benefits, Effective Drafting, and Enforcement

Conservation easements are great tools for preserving the character of land, and can offer a variety of federal, state, and local tax benefits to the grantor. Whatever your client’s primary objectives, it’s imperative to fully understand the legal and strategic considerations underlying each unique transaction. Our speakers, Robin Klomparens, Doug Youmans, and Karin Troedsson, provide guidance on major steps of a conservation easement transaction, with special emphasis on practical drafting tips to take advantage of tax incentives.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit

Drafting and Enforcing Advance Healthcare Directives

Join Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Nicole Warmerdam as she discusses the fundamentals of drafting and enforcing advance healthcare directives.


1 Hour MCLE Credit. Specialization: Estate Planning

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