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CEB is renowned as the leading source of California estate planning resources, with offerings in Planning, Trust & Probate Practice, Taxation, and Elder Law & Incapacity, among others. Our authoritative and recognized publications include Drafting California Revocable Trusts, California Trust Administration, California Decedent Estate Practice, and Fiduciary Accounting Handbook. The OnLAW Estate Planning Library—a virtual encyclopedia of estate planning law—provides online legal analysis and procedural guidance written by and for California judges and lawyers. We offer many Estate Planning CLE programs and webinars and maintain an especially large library of Estate Planning On Demand programs.

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The Basics: How To Be An Ethical Trusts & Estates Attorney

1.5 hours MCLE Credit. Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate


In any trust or estate matter, there are a number of critical ethical questions that have to be asked, considered, and answered before representation can commence. Issues have to be delineated, players, alive and dead, have to be identified. Not to mention the level of expertise that the case will require. We will discuss these, and other ethical considerations.

The Basics: Litigation Tools

1.5 hours MCLE Credit. Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate


A strong  procedure skill set is important in a trusts and estates litigation practice.  You must  be readily familiar with the Code of Civil Procedure, the Evidence Code and the Probate Code.  From inception to through trial, the stakes can be high and you have to be prepared.  You will benefit from this refresher on procedure taught from the standpoint of trusts and estates litigation.    

The Basics: Post-mortem Trust Administration

1.5 hours MCLE Credit including 1.5 hours in Legal Ethics. Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate; Taxation


Trust administrations  can be a meaningful and rewarding part of a trusts and estates practice.  Administration of the trust is its true test.   After a brief review of the components of a revocable living trust, you will learn how to administer a  trust after the death of the settlor.    

The Basics: Probate and Other Nontrust Administration

11.25 hours MCLE Credit including 2 hours in Legal Ethics. Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law; Taxation Law. See below for specialization information.

The Basics: The After Death Checklist

1.5 hours MCLE Credit. Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate; Taxation


Death is not the end in trusts and estates practice.  There is a long list of tasks that have to be completed after death, from locating estate planning documents to giving notice to creditors, and equally important is the task of  preparing yourself for the initial client interview.  We will discuss these and other responsibilities that arise after death. 

The Basics: The Will After Death…the Probate Process

1.5 hours MCLE Credit. Specialization: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate; Taxation


Probate is a court-supervised processes. The goal is to gather and appropriately distribute the deceased’s person’s estate. After a brief refresher on the components of a will, you will learn how the probate process works and what is expected at every step of the way until the conclusion of the estate.


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