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Heading up our Evidence offerings is the celebrated classic Jefferson’s California Evidence Benchbook. Other notable titles include Effective Introduction of Evidence in California and California Trial Objections. These and other Evidence publications are also available in OnLAW, which gives you the added advantages of the web: speed, search capabilities, portability, and links to cited cases and codes.

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California Trial Objections 2021

Prepare for trial and depositions with this essential resource.


Effective Introduction of Evidence in California

In Effective Introduction of Evidence in California, 2d Ed., highly experienced attorneys take you through the preparation and presentation of evidence, so that you can confidently examine and cross-examine witnesses in civil or criminal trials, hearings, and depositions.



Jefferson's California Evidence Benchbook

This classic resource—relied on and kept current by attorneys and judges, and widely quoted for more than four decades—is the best way to research evidence issues before a deposition, mediation, hearing, or trial. Published jointly with the California Judges Association.


Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony in California 2021

This book offers comprehensive discussion of several types of scientific evidence you’re likely to encounter in the courtroom. From discovery to trial, use this practical, accessible guide to learn which kind of expert you will be working with, what to ask about the evidence, and how to get what you need from testimony as well as which terms and concepts a jury can easily understand.




Trial Attorney's Evidence Code Notebook 2021

During trial preparation and in the courtroom, use this annotated Evidence Code to quickly determine whether you can present particular evidence or object to the admission of evidence by reviewing the Evidence Code section and cases in which it has been applied.

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