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Filing Details

Title Current Update Page List Filing Instructions Notes
Advising California Common Interest Communities 02/2021
Advising California Employers and Employees 03/2021
Advising California Nonprofit Corporations 3rd 06/2020
Advising California Partnerships 02/2021
Appeals and Writs in Criminal Cases 3d Ed 06/2020
Business Buy-Sell Agreements 06/2020
Business Succession Planning: Strategies for California Estate Planners and Business Attorneys 08/2016
California Administrative Hearing Practice 10/2020
California Administrative Mandamus 05/2020
California Attorney Fee Awards 03/2021
California Attorneys Guide to Damages 12/2020
California Automobile Insurance Law Guide 11/2020
California Basic Practice Handbook 11/2018
California Business Litigation 07/2020
California Child and Spousal Support: Establishing, Modifying, and Enforcing 08/2019
California Child Custody Litigation and Practice 04/2020
California Civil Appellate Practice 05/2020
California Civil Discovery Practice 04/2021
California Civil Litigation Forms Manual 10/2020
California Civil Procedure Before Trial 06/2019
California Civil Writ Practice 01/2021
California Client Communications Manual: Sample Letters and Forms 03/2019
California Conservatorship Practice 05/2020
California Construction Contracts, Defects, and Litigation 11/2020
California Criminal Law Forms Manual Co/p -
California Decedent Estate Practice 05/2021
California Easements and Boundaries: Law and Litigation 08/2019
California Elder Law Litigation: An Advocates Guide 06/2020
California Elder Law: Resources, Benefits and Planning: An Advocates Guide 08/2020
California Estate Planning 05/2021
California Eviction Defense Manual 06/2020
California Expert Witness Guide 06/2020
California Government Tort Liability Practice 02/2021
California Land Use Practice 10/2020
California Landlord-Tenant Practice 04/2021
California Law of Contracts 04/2020
California Liability Insurance Practice: Claims and Litigation 09/2020
California Marital Settlement and Other Family Law Agreements 01/2021
California Mechanics Liens and Related Construction Remedies 10/2020
California Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure Litigation 02/2021
California Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives 10/2020
California Probate Workflow Manual Revised 08/2020
California Property Insurance: Law and Litigation 05/2017
California Real Estate Bankruptcies: Law & Litigation 06/2012
California Real Estate Brokers: Law and Litigation 08/2020
California Real Estate Finance Practice: Strategies and Forms 01/2020
California Real Property Practice Forms Manual 07/2019
California Real Property Remedies and Damages 08/2020
California Real Property Sales Transactions 02/2019
California Subdivision Map Act and the Development Process 09/2020
California Title Insurance Practice 06/2019
California Tort Damages 01/2021
California Tort Forms From Expert Litigators 07/2015
California Tort Guide 02/2019
California Trial Practice: Civil Procedure During Trial 04/2021
California Trust Administration 03/2021
California Trust and Probate Litigation 03/2021
California UCC Sales and Leases 12/2020
California Uninsured Motorist Practice 07/2020
California Wage and Hour Law and Litigation 01/2021
California Will Drafting 11/2019
California Workers' Compensation Practice 03/2021
California Workers' Damages Practice 09/2020
Complete Plans for Small and Mid-size Estates 12/2019
Condemnation Practice in California 09/2020
Counseling California Corporations 3D Ed Bk 05/2021
Crossover Issuess in Estate Planning and Family Law 08/2020
Debt Collection Practice in California 02/2021
Dividing Pensions and Other Employee Benefits in California Divorces 09/2020
Domestic Partnerships and Same Sex Marriage 01/2017
Drafting Business Contracts: Principles, Techniques and Forms 08/2019
Drafting California Irrevocable Trusts 07/2020
Drafting California Revocable Trusts 09/2020
Drafting Employment Documents for California Employers 11/2020
Effective Introduction of Evidence in California 10/2020
Employee Leave Laws: Compliance and Litigation 07/2019
Employment Damages and Remedies 05/2021
Estate Planning for Special Assets 12/2016
Family Law Financial Discovery 12/2020
Fee Agreement Forms Manual 10/2019
Financing and Protecting California Businesses 02/2021
Forming and Operating California Limited Liability Companies 12/2019
Forming California Common Interest Developments 12/2020
Ground Lease Practice 05/2020
Intellectual Property in Business Transactions 06/2016
Internet Law and Practice in California 07/2020
Jefferson's California Evidence Benchbook 4th 02/2021
Neighbor Disputes: Law and Litigation Bk 04/2021
Office Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease 12/2020
Organizing Corporations in California 01/2020
Practice Under the California Environmental Quality Act 03/2021
Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California 09/2020
Real Property Exchanges 04/2020
Real Property Ownership and Taxation 01/2021
Retail Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease 11/2020
Sales and Mergers of California Businesses 09/2019
Scientific Evidence in California Criminal Cases 09/2012
Secured Transactions in California Commercial Law Practice 01/2021
Selecting and Forming Business Entities 04/2021
Special Needs Trusts: Planning, Drafting and Administration 06/2020
Trade Secrets Practice in California 11/2020
Understanding Fiduciary Duties in Business Entities 03/2021
Wrongful Employment Termination Practice: Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation 06/2020