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Free JC Forms

Important Notice: Changes to Our Free Judicial Counsel Forms Service

Dear CEB Community,

At CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar), we are continually evolving to better serve the legal needs of professionals across California. We have an important update regarding our Judicial Counsel Forms that reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality legal resources.

Transitioning Away from Free Forms

We want to inform you that CEB will no longer host free Judicial Counsel Forms on our website. This shift allows us to focus more on developing sophisticated legal tools and content, like our industry leading product, CEB's Essential Forms.

Where to Find Free Forms?

For those in need of free forms for casual use, we recommend visiting the California Courts' official website at This resource ensures you have access to the most current and legally accurate forms.

Introducing CEB's Essential Forms: Your Advanced Legal Solution

For legal professionals seeking more comprehensive and sophisticated tools, we're proud to present CEB's Essential Forms. This premium solution includes:

  1. Shrink-to-Fit Fonts: Create professional-looking documents with ease, ensuring all your information fits perfectly.
  1. Custom Form Templates: Create and manage a single or group of pre-filled forms that can be applied to any new client or case.
  1. Custom Fields & Shared Data Database: Save time with a database that automatically populates new forms with shared data and allows for custom field creation.
  1. Electronic Updates for Judicial Council Forms: Stay up-to-date with automatic electronic updates whenever California Judicial Council Forms are revised.
  1. Regional County Forms Packages: Access an optional add-on of Regional County Forms, updated electronically throughout the year to reflect any changes or new additions.

Enhance Your Legal Practice with CEB

CEB's Essential Forms is more than just a collection of documents; it's a comprehensive tool designed to streamline your legal work, ensure accuracy, and keep you ahead with the latest legal updates. Ideal for attorneys, legal professionals, and businesses demanding a higher standard in legal documentation.

Discover CEB's Essential Forms 

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