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The practical skills required for running and growing your practice are covered in titles California Basic Practice Handbook, California Client Communications Manual, and Fee Agreement Forms Manual, among other valuable resources. These publications are also available in OnLAW, which gives you the added advantages of the web: speed, search capabilities, portability, and links to cited cases and codes. We have many CLE webinars and On Demand programs that address Law Practice Skills as well.

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Legal Careers Outside the Box

3 hours MCLE Credit


If traditional law practice is burning you out, and no amount of self-care or small changes are going to help, the good news is that the legal services industry is going through tremendous changes. Alternative practices abound and can offer greater flexibility to attorneys. But change is always daunting, so our panelists will share their experiences making drastic changes to their practices, leaving traditional practice entirely, or helping others to take the plunge.

Mindful Law Practice

1.5 hours MCLE Credit including 1.5 hours in Competence Issues


Attorneys are trained to spot issues and focus on problems, and often deal with people in highly emotional situations, all of which can contribute to anxiety and stress. These days, the legal community is increasingly taking note of the ways that mindfulness can support self-awareness, improve relationships, and reduce stress and anxiety. Mindfulness practice can help us to remain truly present, without judgment, for all of our life experiences—even the most stressful aspects of our work. In this workshop, you will learn how to use mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, and other practices to support greater resilience and well-being and make your work life more satisfying.

Renewal Retreat 2016: Reignite Your Passion for Law

9 hours MCLE Credit including 1 hour in Elimination of Bias and 2.5 hours in Competence Issues


Has practicing law left you feeling dissatisfied and burned out? You are not alone. Our program will help you rediscover what inspired you to pursue a legal career. This program will teach you techniques to deal with stress in your legal practice and relay the experience of attorneys who have attained greater satisfaction and balance by making changes to their practices and their lives. Reflect on building a sustainable legal career while relaxing in the natural beauty of Granlibakken Tahoe and earn CLE credits along the way.

Sustainable Legal Careers

1 hour MCLE Credit 


Learn from a recruiter and career consultant where attorneys have found the sustainable balanced careers they desired and where they haven’t. In addition, hear how some attorneys have managed to make their careers better accommodate their lives—and get tips on how you might do the same.

The Mind of an Attorney

1.5 hours MCLE Credit including 1.5 hours in Competence Issues


This seminar examines sources of stress particular to law practice, approaches to help balance your life before you burn out, and how to deal with it if you are already past the tipping point.

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