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Our On Demand library is deep and wide—over 900 hours of programs in Business Law, Civil Litigation & Torts, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Law Practice Skills, Public Law, Real Property, and the State Bar’s special requirements (required subjects) of Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society.

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2018 Update: Land Use & Zoning Regulation of Cannabis Businesses

Join cannabis law experts Hilary Bricken and Julie Hamill to learn the latest in regulatory trends, legal issues, compliance advice, and recent developments in this rapidly evolving area.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit

2019 Death Penalty Case Law Update

The presentation includes 2019 cases decided by the United States Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the California Supreme Court, and the California Court of Appeal. The topics include eligibility to be executed, special circumstances, ineffective assistance of counsel, and early issues regarding Proposition 66.


0.75 Hours MCLE Credit

2019 Homicide Case Law Update

The presentation covers most of the homicide opinions issued by the California Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal addressing several issues, including the S.B. 1437 and S.B. 1391 reforms.


1 Hour MCLE Credit

7th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice: Co-existence of Tradition & Modernity: The Native American's Experience

The concept of marriage and the ceremony for Native Americans can vary based on particular tribal beliefs and practices. There also may be different requirements when filing divorce in tribal court, which would vary from tribe to tribe, yet there are no specific pleading or discovery rules regarding Native American spouses in state family law cases.


1.25 Hours MCLE Credit, including Family Law Specialization and Elimination of Bias

7th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice: Lunch With Your Family Law Judge

From physical appearance, to choice of words, tonality and manner of addressing others (the Court, the Judicial Assistants, the opposing counsel, and the witnesses) a litigant, knowingly or unknowingly, is controlled and guided by the culture of her/his immediate families, extended relatives, friends, classmates, teachers, spouses, co-workers, religious, and political beliefs. And under the adversarial nature and environment of the legal proceedings any unfamiliar cultural behavior may be interpreted as disrespect and prejudice toward others.


1 Hour MCLE Credit, including Family Law Specialization, Elimination of Bias, and Legal Ethics

7th Annual Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice: Multiple Parenting: Families With More Than Two Legal Parents To a Child

The traditional concept of Parenthood has been completely changed. Today’s children have either no Father or more than 2 Fathers. The idea of a “nuclear family” has been gone with the “Baby Boomers”. The custodial rights of Co-parents and half-siblings are recognized in Family Code and now it is “in” to have children of “pink families”.


1.25 Hours MCLE Credit, including Family Law Specialization and Elimination of Bias

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