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Our On Demand library is deep and wide—over 900 hours of programs in Business Law, Civil Litigation & Torts, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Law Practice Skills, Public Law, Real Property, and the State Bar’s special requirements (required subjects) of Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society.

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A Practical Approach to Felony Sentencing

Join Judge Mark Hanasono for a practical discussion of felony sentencing as he lays out how to accurately determine felony sentence ranges and anticipate sentencing issues. 


1 hour MCLE Credit

Specialization: 1 hour Criminal Law


Advocacy in the Face of Bias

Peter M. Walzer and Steven K. Yoda discuss how various forms of bias continue to affect legal outcomes and what you can do about it. The panelists share pointers that you can immediately implement to overcome the bias that you or your client may encounter.


1 hour MCLE Credit in Elimination of Bias



Affordable Housing

Affordable housing and housing production has become one of the hottest topics in the State Legislature. This program provides an overview of applicable federal, state, and local statutes and programs as well as environmental and other challenges to producing affordable housing. 


1.5 hours MCLE Credit


Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Context of Residential Real Estate Sales

Learn about different Alternative Dispute Resolution remedies available in Real Property law. This program will go over tools you need for resoloving breach of contract actions, fraud and other real estate issues through ADR.


1.75 Hours MCLE Credit

An Introduction to Summary Judgment Motions

This program provides an overview of bringing and opposing summary judgment motions, as well as what to do and when to do it. Join Jonathan Deer in discussing the practical and strategic tips for this critical phase of a case.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit


An Overview of Capacity and Undue Influence

Trusts and estates attorneys are routinely called upon to determine the capacity of clients or potential clients. But how do you determine if someone has legal capacity? Or is being inappropriately influenced by relatives, caregivers or friends? Making the appropriate determination of how to proceed as an attorney once incapacity is recognized is key for appropriate representation. Join Joe Morrill and Heather Matsumoto Hoekstra as they discuss these issues and more.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit, including 1.5 hours in Legal Ethics

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