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Our On Demand library is deep and wide—over 900 hours of programs in Business Law, Civil Litigation & Torts, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Law Practice Skills, Public Law, Real Property, and the State Bar’s special requirements (required subjects) of Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society.

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Anticipating Appeals in Family Law Cases

Although attorneys don’t usually think about the possibility of an appeal until trial, many important family law decisions have been the result of appeals and writs taken on short cause matters. This program will help you prepare your family law case for the possibility of appeal throughout its pendency.


1 Hour MCLE Credit

Specialization: Family Law

Anticipating Parole for Nonviolent Felons Under Prop. 57

Learn how the defense and prosecution of felonies will change as California implements Proposition 57’s new credit authorization and new parole consideration for nonviolent felons excluding the imposition of enhancements, consecutive sentence, and alternative sentences. 


1 hour MCLE Credit. Specialization: Criminal Law



Anticipating the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Attorneys have an affirmative duty to thoroughly understand the immigration consequences of criminal conviction and accurately advise their noncitizen clients. This program will familiarize you with this complex area of law and the importance of defense counsel’s role in investigating, mitigating, and ideally avoiding immigration consequences arising from criminal cases.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit with Specialization in Criminal Law

Anti-SLAPP 101 - Making and Defending Against Anti-SLAPP Motions

If you don’t think the Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) statute affects your practice, think again…The SLAPP statute affects nearly all practice areas. In this 90-minute program, viewers will learn how to identify SLAPP suits and frame allegations and claims in a way that avoids unwittingly subjecting a litigant to the SLAPP statute. This course also outlines the basic procedures for making and defending against anti-SLAPP motions and discusses the consequences of making or being subject to anti-SLAPP motions.


Recorded 5/24/17.


1.5 hours MCLE Credit


Attacking the Pleadings

Find out how, when, and why to attack pleadings. This program focusing on state court practice is presented by Shane Cahill from Long & Levit, LLP.


1 Hour MCLE Credit



Attorney Wellness

To maintain competence, it is crucial for attorneys to identify, manage, and reduce stress in a healthy manner. This seminar will examine the effects that chronic stress can have on your law practice, your health, and your life, and discuss ten simple and practical approaches to help deal with that stress.


1 Hour MCLE Credit


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