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  Business Law
Advising California Nonprofit Corporations
Advising California Partnerships
Business Buy-Sell Agreements
California Business Law Reporter
California Business Litigation
California Law of Contracts
California UCC Sales and Leases
Counseling California Corporations
Debt Collection Practice in California
Drafting Business Contracts: Principles, Techniques and Forms
Enforcing Security Interests in Personal Property (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Financing and Protecting California Businesses
Forming and Operating California Limited Liability Companies
Internet Law and Practice in California
Organizing Corporations in California
Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California
Sales and Mergers of California Businesses
Secured Transactions in California Commercial Law Practice
Selecting and Forming Business Entities
Taking Security Interests in Personal Property (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Trade Secrets Practice in California
Understanding Fiduciary Duties in Business Entities

  Civil Litigation
California Administrative Hearing Practice
California Administrative Mandamus
California Attorney Fee Awards
California Attorney's Guide to Damages's_Guide_to_Damages
California Civil Appellate Practice
California Civil Discovery Practice
California Civil Procedure Before Trial
California Civil Writ Practice
California Expert Witness Guide
California Liability Insurance Practice: Claims and Litigation
California Summary Judgment
California Trial Objections
California Trial Practice: Civil Procedure During Trial
Civil Litigation Reporter
Effective Direct and Cross-Examination
Enforcing Civil Money Judgments (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Civil Appeals (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Civil Writs in the Courts of Appeal (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Claims Against Government Entities (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Depositions (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Expert Witnesses in California Courts (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Motions to Compel and Other Discovery Motions (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Service of Process (Serving Summons in Civil Proceedings) (Action Guide)^40^Serving_Summons_in_Civil_Proceedings^41^_^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Subpoenas (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Meeting Statutory Deadlines: During and After Litigation (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Obtaining a Writ of Attachment (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Obtaining Discovery: Initiating and Responding to Discovery Procedures (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Persuasive Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
Preparing for Trial (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Strategies on Appeal

  Criminal Law
Appeals and Writs in Criminal Cases
California Criminal Defense of Immigrants
California Criminal Law Forms Manual
California Criminal Law Procedure and Practice
California Criminal Sentencing Enhancements
California Judges Benchbook: Domestic Violence Cases in Criminal Court
California Judges Benchbook: Search and Seizure Book
Defending Your Client in a Misdemeanor Case (Including a DUI)^40^Including_a_DUI^41^
Felony Sentencing Handbook
Mandatory Criminal Jury Instructions Handbook
Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony in California

  Employment Law
Advising California Employers and Employees
California Wage and Hour: Law and Litigation
California's Employee vs. Independent Contractor Rules Under Dynamex AB 5 and AB 2257 (Simmons)'s_Employee_vs._Independent_Contractor_Rules_Under_Dynamex_AB_5_and_AB_2257_^40^Simmons^41^
California's Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) (Simmons)'s_Private_Attorneys_General_Act_^40^PAGA^41^_^40^Simmons^41^
Drafting Employment Documents for California Employers
Employment Damages and Remedies
Employment Discrimination and EEO Practice Manual for California Employers (Simmons)^40^Simmons^41^
Employee Leave Laws: Compliance and Litigation
Handling a Wrongful Termination Action (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Sexual Harassment Training and Prevention Manual (Simmons)^40^Simmons^41^
Wage and Hour Manual for California Employers (Simmons)^40^Simmons^41^
Working With Independent Contractors, Leased Workers, and Outsourcing (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Wrongful Discharge, Staff Reduction and Employment Practices Manual (Simmons)^40^Simmons^41^
Wrongful Employment Termination Practice

  Estate Planning
Administering a Single-Person Trust After Settlor's Death (Action Guide)'s_Death_^40^Action_Guide^41^
California Conservatorship Practice
California Decedent Estate Practice
California Elder Law Litigation: An Advocate's Guide's_Guide
California Elder Law Resources, Benefits, and Planning: An Advocate's Guide's_Guide
California Estate Planning
California Guardianship Practice
California Local Probate Rules
California Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives
California Probate Workflow Manual Revised
California Trust Administration
California Trust and Probate Litigation
California Will Drafting
Capacity and Undue Influence: Assessing, Challenging, and Defending (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Complete Plans for Small and Mid-Size Estates
Crossover Issues in Estate Planning and Family Law
Drafting California Irrevocable Trusts
Drafting California Revocable Trusts
Estate Planning 2022
Estate Planning and California Probate Reporter
Fiduciary Accounting Handbook
Funding a Revocable Trust (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling a Probate (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Postmortem Trust Administration: A Checklist (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Marital Deduction Subtrust Funding (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Special Needs Trusts: Planning, Drafting, and Administration
Transferring Property Without Probate (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^

Effective Introduction of Evidence in California
Jefferson's California Evidence Benchbook's_California_Evidence_Benchbook
Laying a Foundation to Introduce Evidence (Preparing and Using Evidence at Trial)^40^Preparing_and_Using_Evidence_at_Trial^41^

  Family Law
California Child and Spousal Support: Establishing, Modifying, and Enforcing
California Child Custody Litigation and Practice
California Juvenile Dependency Practice
California Marital Settlement and Other Family Law Agreements
Dividing Pensions and Other Employee Benefits in California Divorces
Family Law Financial Discovery
Practice Under the California Family Code: Dissolution, Legal Separation, Nullity

  Real Property
Advising California Common Interest Communities
California Construction Contracts, Defects, and Litigation
California Easements and Boundaries: Law and Litigation
California Eviction Defense Manual
California Land Use Practice
California Landlord-Tenant Practice
California Mechanics Liens and Related Construction Remedies
California Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure Litigation
California Property Insurance: Law and Litigation
California Real Estate Brokers: Law and Litigation
California Real Estate Finance Practice: Strategies and Forms
California Real Property Remedies and Damages
California Real Property Sales Transactions
California Subdivision Map Act and the Development Process
California Title Insurance Practice
Condemnation Practice in California
Forming California Common Interest Developments
Ground Lease Practice
Handling a Real Property Foreclosure (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Handling Mechanics Liens and Related Remedies (Private Works)^40^Private_Works^41^
Handling Unlawful Detainers (Action Guide)^40^Action_Guide^41^
Neighbor Disputes: Law and Litigation
Office Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease
Practice Under the California Environmental Quality Act
Real Property Exchanges
Real Property Law Reporter
Real Property Ownership and Taxation
Retail Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease

California Automobile Insurance Law Guide
California Government Tort Liability Practice
California Personal Injury Proof
California Tort Damages
California Tort Guide
California Uninsured Motorist Practice

  Workers' Compensation
California Workers' Compensation Practice'_Compensation/California_Workers'_Compensation_Practice
California Workers' Damages Practice'_Compensation/California_Workers'_Damages_Practice
Meeting Statutory Deadlines: Workers' Compensation (Action Guide)'_Compensation/Meeting_Statutory_Deadlines_-_Workers'_Compensation_^40^Action_Guide^41^
Sullivan On Comp'_Compensation/Sullivan_On_Comp

  General Interest
California Basic Practice Handbook
California Client Communications Manual: Sample Letters and Forms
Fee Agreement Forms Manual
The California Municipal Law Handbook