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Office Leasing: Drafting and Negotiating the Lease

This book covers every aspect of negotiating and putting together an office lease.


Organizing Corporations in California

Help your clients make decisions about the form, location, and structure of their businesses—and when a corporation is the right choice.


Persuasive Opening Statements and Closing Arguments 2023

Trial veterans Joseph Cotchett and Nancy Fineman deliver proven techniques for compelling and effective opening statements and closing arguments. Learn from these nationally recognized trial lawyers as they share their expertise in planning, developing, and presenting winning opening statements and closing arguments from both plaintiff and defense perspectives. Includes valuable practice tips and actual trial transcripts of statements and arguments that provide vital guidance for seasoned litigators and newer trial attorneys alike.


Practice Under the California Environmental Quality Act

Authors Stephen Kostka and Michael Zischke cover CEQA practice from all possible perspectives and provide you with invaluable practice tips and expert legal analysis. This definitive guide is the CEQA book often cited by the California Supreme Court.


Preparing for Trial

Use this guide to make sure you are ready for trial. Includes when to obtain the trial date, arbitrate the case, complete discovery, prepare evidence, and make last-minute motions.




Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California

Understand best practices in cyber security and data breach protection—and how to avoid penalties and lawsuits. Learn how to collect and protect customer data, health care data, children’s data, and employee data within California, the U.S., and worldwide. Discover practical guidance for business, finance, health care, and employers on California and federal data and security law—and the critical new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

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