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Selecting and Forming Business Entities

What’s the most critical part of starting a business? Choosing the right entity! Find out quickly if your client needs a corporation, partnership, or LLC and get the myriad, required state forms you’ll need to file. Then gain powerful expertise drafting effective articles and operating agreements.


Special Needs Trusts: Planning, Drafting, and Administration

Understand complicated special needs trust issues and public benefit laws affecting persons with disabilities with the first book to completely cover this rapidly expanding field.


Strategies on Appeal

While other practice guides tell you how to litigate your appeal, Strategies on Appeal shows you how to win it!
Drawing on decades of experience handling and consulting on hundreds of appeals in state and federal courts, Myron Moskovitz, one of California’s leading appellate lawyers, distills the lessons he’s learned into one convenient resource.


Taking Security Interests in Personal Property

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining and perfecting a security interest.


The California Municipal Law Handbook 2023

This handbook gives you the background, tools, and guidance you need in all major areas of California municipal law. Known as the definitive resource in its field, this work of over 300 municipal attorneys from the City Attorneys’ Department of the League of California Cities is published annually by CEB.


Recently cited as authority by the California Supreme Court (Wilde v City of Dunsmuir, 9 C5th 1105, 1127.).


Trade Secrets Practice in California

Help your clients guard their trade secrets, enforce trade secret protections, or defend against trade secret misappropriation.

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