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CEB offers you hundreds of hours of programs to help you fulfill MCLE special requirements in Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society. We also offer a six-hour Ethics Plus! package that fulfills your required subjects requirements.

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2017 Top 20: Legal Ethics

Join ethics expert Mark Tuft for a discussion of the top changes and developments in legal ethics that all California attorneys need to know.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit, including 1.5 Hours in Legal Ethics


Attorney Wellness

To maintain competence, it is crucial for attorneys to identify, manage, and reduce stress in a healthy manner. This seminar will examine the effects that chronic stress can have on your law practice, your health, and your life, and discuss ten simple and practical approaches to help deal with that stress.


1 Hour MCLE Credit


Children of Tomorrow: Custody and Visitation in a Borderless World

Our esteemed panelists discuss the legal and practical aspects of international relocations both to and from the United States. In particular, they focus on why it is important for family lawyers to understand the divergence (for a host of political, cultural and religious reasons) between the letter of the law and its application in many foreign countries.


1 hour MCLE Credit, including 1 hour Family Law Specialization Credit and 0.5 hours Elimination of Bias

Competence and Addiction

Join us for a discussion of brain chemistry, personality traits of attorneys, and characteristics of the legal profession that put attorneys at high risk of burnout and addiction. Strategies to cope with the stress of law practice and resources get help for yourself or your colleagues will be shared.


1 Hour MCLE Credit, including 1 hour of Competence


Complying with the New Trust Accounting Rules

The new California Rules of Professional Conduct expand what fees must be deposited into a trust account. This program will cover what fees need to go into a trust account under the new rules, how to administer a trust account, and how to address the trust accounting requirements in your fee agreement.


1.5 Hours MCLE Credit including 1.5 Hours in Legal Ethics


Creating a Digital Marketing Plan for Your Firm

Tackling the digital media landscape can appear daunting to the solo or small firm attorney who would rather focus on their core practice. Join marketing consultant and business growth strategist David Mitroff for a discussion of how you can efficiently build your business with digital marketing.


1.25 Hours MCLE Credit


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