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CEB offers you hundreds of hours of programs to help you fulfill MCLE special requirements in Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society. We also offer a six-hour Ethics Plus! package that fulfills your required subjects requirements.

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Family Law Judge Roundtable

This panel of family law judges discusses the application of Sanchez in litigation where cultural context is an issue.

1 hour MCLE Credit in Legal Ethics

Fee Agreements: A Lawyer's Most Effective Tool to Manage Expectations, Protect Themselves, and Get Paid

This program is designed to highlight specific ethical concerns when drafting fee agreements and to show that a well-crafted fee agreement is the best way for lawyers to protect their interests and ensure fair compensation.


1 Hour MCLE credit, including 1 hour in Legal Ethics

Homelessness at Home: Living Under the Threat of Deportation

Addresses cross cultural psychology, psychological evaluations for immigrants, children of immigrants, and  the issues related to refugee children.

1 hour MCLE Credit in Elimination of Bias

How to Hang Your Shingle 2019: Part 1: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Practice

What are the absolute essential items and resources you need to be ready to start your own practice and take your first client? What if you need to get up and running with very little money or resources? What are the advantages to starting an incubator, taking contract work, or teaming up with another attorney? This program will help you create a road map to start up your practice professionally and ethically regardless of your budget or experience level.


1 Hour MCLE credit

Key Developments in Legal Ethics 2018

Catch up on the most important changes in legal ethics over the last year. Join ethics expert David Majchrzak for histake on 2018's key development in ethics.


2 Hours MCLE Credit


Legal Ethics Online

This program explains how The Rules of Professional Conduct apply to social media and other online interaction and gives examples of behaviors that are ethical and others that could get you into trouble.


1 Hour MCLE Credit in Legal Ethics


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