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Administering a Single-Person Trust After Settlor's Death

Administering a Single-Person Trust After Settlor's Death

Features the Gaw step-by-step systems approach to administering a single-person living trust after the settlor’s death; contains a comprehensive procedural checklist and single trustor hypothetical with forms.

Coverage includes:

  • Initial steps
  • Preparing for first meeting with client
  • Conducting first meeting with client
  • Immediate actions following first meeting
  • Subsequent meetings with client and CPA
  • Preparing for final distributions
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • I. Initial Steps
  • II. Preparing for First Meeting With Client
  • III. Conducting First Meeting With Client
  • IV. Immediate Actions Following First Meeting (Stage 1)
  • V. Further Actions Following First Meeting (Stage 2)
  • VI. Subsequent Meetings With Client and CPA
  • VII. Preparing for Final Distributions


    Original Author

  • David B. Gaw

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