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California Attorney Fee Awards 2024

California Attorney Fee Awards 2024

“The first and last word on the subject. No one should do a motion without it.”
James C. Sturdevant, The Sturdevant Law Firm, San Francisco

“Whenever we file an application, we look to it as the easiest and most reliable starting point for the issues we need to address. I highly recommend it.”
Barry Litt, Litt, Estuar & Kitson LLP, Los Angeles

Litigate attorney fee awards with confidence using this comprehensive and nuanced guide, authored by recognized authority Richard M. Pearl.

  • Entitlement to fees under contractual provisions, equitable doctrines, and fee-shifting statutes
  • Adjustments to the lodestar and multipliers
  • Fees as damages and as sanctions
  • Fees for trial court and appellate work
  • Awards for work in administrative and arbitration proceedings
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Volume 1

    Part I: Overview

  • 1. Recovery of Attorney Fees: An Overview
  • Part II: Eligibility and Entitlement

  • 2. Eligibility and Entitlement to Fees
  • 3. Fee-Shifting Statutes
  • 4. Fee Awards Based on Contractual Fee Clauses
  • 5. Attorney Fee Awards Based on Equitable Theories
  • 6. Attorney Fees Awarded as Sanctions
  • 7. Fees as Damages
  • Part III: Determining Fee Amount

  • 8. Methods of Fee Calculation
  • Volume 2

  • 9. Determining the Lodestar
  • 10. Determining Adjustments to the Lodestar
  • Part IV: Procedures for Claiming and Opposing Fees

  • 11. Claiming and Opposing Trial Court Fees
  • 12. Obtaining Fees for Appellate Services
  • 13. Attorney Fees Awarded for Administrative Proceedings
  • 14. Procedures for Claiming and Opposing Fees for Work in Arbitration
  • 15. Collecting Fee Awards
  • Part V: Appellate Review

  • 16. Appellate Review of Fee Orders
  • 17. Forms


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