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California Automobile Insurance Law Guide 2023

California Automobile Insurance Law Guide 2023

Published November 2023

Get in-depth treatment of the major liability insurance cases and insurance statutes as well as full analysis of typical provisions of the standard automobile insurance policy.

  • Scope of insurer’s obligation
  • Persons and entities insured
  • Vehicles insured and exclusions 
  • Public policy and statutory requirements
  • First party coverages: injuries to insured and to insured’s property
  • Termination of policies
  • Duty to defend
  • Reciprocal duties of insured and insurer; duty of good faith
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. Overview of Automobile Insurance
  • 2. The Insuring Agreements
  • 3. Persons and Entities Insured
  • 4. Vehicles Insured
  • 5. Exclusions From Coverage
  • 6. Statutory Requirements
  • 7. First Party Coverages: Injuries to Insured and Insured’s Property
  • 8. Termination of Policies
  • 9. Duty to Defend
  • 10. Reciprocal Duties of Insured and Insurer; Duty of Good Faith
  • 11. “Other Insurance” and Relationship Among Insurers


    Original Author

  • Ralph A. Lombardi

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