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California Civil Discovery Practice

California Civil Discovery Practice

This comprehensive resource keeps you on top by fully incorporating new law, providing in-depth treatment of electronic discovery and its special problems, and clarifying motion practice. Includes sample forms and a laminated Checklist of Objections that you can carry to depositions and court with you for easy reference.

  • Creating a discovery plan
  • Privileges and work product protections
  • Electronic data and e-discovery
  • Depositions
  • Interrogatories
  • Demands for inspection or production
  • Requests for admission
  • Physical and mental examinations
  • Exchange of expert information
  • Discovery motion practice and sanctions
  • Writs and appeals

Check out CEB's free How to Guide: How to Conduct Discovery in a Limited Civil Case.

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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Volume 1

    Part I: Planning Discovery

  • 1. The Right to Discovery and Its Scope
  • 2. Creating a Discovery Plan
  • 3. Evaluating Privileges, Work Product, and Other Protections
  • Part II: Conducting Discovery

  • 4. Conducting Discovery in a Digital World: Managing Electronically Stored Information
  • 5. Deposition Procedures
  • 6. Taking and Defending Oral Depositions
  • 7. Interrogatories
  • 8. Demands for Inspection or Production
  • Volume 2

  • 9. Requests for Admission
  • 10. Physical and Mental Examinations
  • 11. Exchange of Expert Information
  • 12. Depositions in Other States
  • 13. Discovery in Other Nations
  • 14. Discovery in Limited Civil Cases
  • Part III: Resolving Discovery Disputes

  • 15. Discovery Motion Practice and Sanctions
  • 16. Writs and Appeals


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