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California Civil Writ Practice

California Civil Writ Practice

Get a thorough understanding of all aspects of preparing, filing, or opposing a writ petition. CEB’s updated California Civil Writ Practice includes many important developments to writ practice, such as new case law discussing how habeas corpus can be used to challenge commitments to a psychiatric facility, how writ petition may be combined with a complaint for declaratory relief, how traditional mandate can issue to invalidate legislative acts in excess of a governing body’s authority, and how irreparable injury is a requirement for the grant of supersedeas.

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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Volume 1

  • 1. Overview of Superior Court Writ Practice
  • 2. Traditional Mandate
  • 3. Administrative Mandamus
  • 4. Other Superior Court Writs
  • 5. Initiating a Superior Court Writ Proceeding
  • 6. Requesting a Stay in a Superior Court Writ Proceeding
  • 7. The Record in Superior Court Writ Proceedings
  • 8. Responsive Pleadings and Petitioner’s Reply in Superior Court Writ Proceedings
  • 9. Action by Superior Court
  • 10. Enforcing Writs Issued by Superior Court
  • 11. Challenging the Superior Court’s Decision
  • 12. Writ Petitions in Limited Civil and Small Claims Cases
  • 13. Superior Court Forms
  • 14. Overview of Appellate Court Writ Practice
  • 15. Common Appellate Writs and Basic Requirements
  • 16. Availability of Appellate Writ Relief
  • Volume 2

  • 17. Determining Whether to File an Appellate Court Writ Petition
  • 18. Initiating a Writ Proceeding in the Court of Appeal
  • 19. Requesting a Stay in an Appellate Court Writ Proceeding
  • 20. The Record in Appellate Court Writ Proceedings
  • 21. Preliminary Opposition in an Appellate Court Writ Proceeding
  • 22. Initial Action by Court of Appeal
  • 23. Opposition and Reply in an Appellate Court Writ Proceeding
  • 24. Action by Court of Appeal After Issuance of Palma Notice, Alternative Writ, or Order to Show Cause
  • 25. Review of Court of Appeal’s Action on Writ Petition
  • 26. Petition for Writ of Supersedeas
  • 27. Petitions in the California Supreme Court
  • 28. Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Forms


    Original Authors

  • The Late Mitchell E. Abbott
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  • Hon. Kathleen M. Banke
  • Jennifer La Fonda Chavez
  • Jeffrey Chine
  • Efrat M. Cogan
  • Douglas J. Collodel
  • Robert M. Dato
  • David De Jesus
  • Paul D. Fogel
  • Mark Fogelman
  • Ginetta L. Giovinco
  • Hon. Margaret M. Grignon (Ret.)
  • Susan H. Handelman
  • Maureen M. Home
  • Christina J. Imre
  • David K. Ismay
  • Brian D. Mabee
  • Judy L. McKelvey
  • James C. Nielsen
  • T. Peter Pierce
  • Judith E. Posner
  • Jeremy B. Rosen
  • Kelly J. Savage
  • Mary-Christine (M.C.) Sungaila
  • H. Thomas Watson
  • Grace K. Won
  • Robert H. Wright

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