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California Criminal Sentencing Enhancements 2023

California Criminal Sentencing Enhancements 2023

This practical reference identifies applicable enhancements, explains pleading and proof, and deciphers the rules of imposition under California’s multiple sentencing schemes.

  • Comprehensive chapters on single subjects including drugs; gangs; firearms; and serious, violent, and sexual offenses
  • Easy-to-read charts with code provisions and term lengths
  • Practice tips with alternate charging suggestions
  • Explanations of when the court may stay or strike an enhancement or its penalty
  • Proposition 47 and prior convictions
  • Latest on Proposition 57
  • Gang enhancements and expert testimony
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    I. Basic Concepts

  • 1. Sentencing Overview
  • 2. Enhancements Overview
  • II. Conduct Enhancements

  • 3. Victims
  • 4. Injury and Death
  • 5. Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons
  • 6. Other Instruments of Injury or Death
  • 7. Gangs
  • 8. Drugs
  • 9. DUI
  • 10. Kidnapping, Robbery, and Carjacking
  • 11. Sex Crimes
  • 12. Property Loss, Money Laundering, and Fraud
  • III. Status Enhancements

  • 13. Increased Punishment for Prior Similar Offenses
  • 14. Felony Committed While Released on Bail or Own Recognizance
  • 15. Prior Prison Commitments and Serious and Violent Felonies


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