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California Government Tort Liability Practice

California Government Tort Liability Practice

Provides in-depth procedural and substantive guidance on claims against public entities or employees based on the California Government Claims Act.

  • Representing claimants, public entities, and public employees
  • Defense and indemnification
  • Claim procedures: preparation, presentation, and consideration of claim
  • Late claim proceedings; tolling limitation period
  • Bringing the action
  • Principles of public entity and public employee liability
  • General and specific immunities of public entities and employees
  • Dangerous condition of public property
  • Claims under the Federal Civil Rights Act (§1983)
  • Government Claims Act, including Van Alstyne’s notes and comments
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Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the Government Claims Act
  2. Representation of CLaimant or Defendant
  3. Identifying Public Entity and Public Employee Defendants
  4. Defense and Indemnification
  5. Overview of Claim Procedures
  6. Preparation, Presentation, and Consideration of Claim
  7. Late Claim Proceedings; Tolling Limitation Period
  8. Bringing the Action
  9. General Principles of Public Entity and Public Employee Liability
  10. General Immunities of Public Entities and Employees
  11. Liabilities and Immunities in Specific Functional Areas
  12. Dangerous Condition of Public Property
  13. Federal Civil Rights Act


Original Author:

  • Arvo Van Alstyne

Update Authors:

  • Daniel P. Barer
  • Rhys Boyd-Farrell
  • Gerald A. Clausen
  • Timothy T. Coates
  • Mark D. Guenzi
  • Landa Siu Low
  • Jennifer L. Petrusis
  • Shaana A. Rahman
  • Robert J. Waldsmith

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