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California Juvenile Dependency Practice 2024

California Juvenile Dependency Practice 2024

Published March 2024

Provides the essentials of dependency law, and covers all stages of a case, as well as information specific to the representation of children, parents, de facto parents and petitioners.

  • Detention hearing, jurisdictional hearing, dispositional hearing, review hearings, and the Section 366.26 hearing
  • Modification, supplemental and subsequent petitions
  • Appeals and writs
  • Responsibilities of attorneys representing each party
  • Child’s right to counsel
  • A detailed chapter, with forms, on the specific issues covered by the Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Checklists and chart of dependency proceeding chronology
  • Sample Judicial Council forms and attorney-drafted forms throughout
  • Fully updated with cases, statutes, and court rules
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Dependency Law
  • How Children Enter the Dependency System
  • Petition, Case Plan, Discovery, Subpoenas, and Pretrial Motions
  • Jurisdictional Hearing
  • Disposition
  • Postdisposition Proceedings: 6-, 12-, 18-, and 24-Month Reviews
  • Subsequent, Supplemental, and Modification Petitions
  • Selection and Implementation of Permanent Plan
  • The Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Appeals and Writs
  • Representing Parents
  • Representing Children
  • Representing De Facto Parents
  • Representing Petitioner


Original Authors:

  • Malvina E.J. Abbott
  • Carol B. Barnett
  • Hon. Patricia Bresee
  • Bradley A. Bristow
  • Hon. L. Michael Clark
  • Deborah Dentler
  • David A. Donner
  • Mark R. Murray
  • Hon. Amy M. Pellman
  • John E. Philips
  • Mary J. Risling
  • Elaine S. Rosen
  • Janet G. Sherwood
  • Carmela F. Simoncini
  • Hon. Sherri Sobel
  • Beth L. Steigerwalt
  • Christopher N. Wu

Update Authors:

  • Joseph Barrell
  • Carolyn Levenberg
  • Rebecca Lohman
  • Jill McInerney
  • Mark R. Murray
  • Hannah Reed
  • Daniel K. Richardson
  • Janet G. Sherwood
  • Marymichael Miatovich Smrdeli
  • Catherine Wollard
  • Christopher N. Wu

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