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California Landlord-Tenant Practice

California Landlord-Tenant Practice

The definitive book whether you are representing commercial or residential landlords or tenants, or involved in transactional or litigation practice.

  • Drafting leases; owner and tenant strategies
  • Short term tenancies; local laws and lease clauses
  • Medical marijuana in commercial and residental units
  • Mobilehome leases, special notices, and evictions
  • Terminating tenancies, notice forms, and eviction pleadings
  • Warranty of habitability, subleasing, and roommates
  • Tenant bankruptcies; stay relief, rent claims
  • Local rent and eviction controls; discrimination law
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Table of Contents

  1. Creating the Tenancy
  2. Fair Housing Considerations
  3. Rights and Duties During Tenancy
  4. Counseling the Landlord
  5. Counseling the Tenant
  6. Mobilehome Park Tenancies
  7. Practicing Under Rent and Eviction Control Laws
  8. Terminating the Tenancy
  9. Unlawful Detainer: Preparing and Filing the Action
  10. Unlawful Detainer: Responsive Pleadings
  11. Unlawful Detainer: Pretrial Proceedings
  12. Unlawful Detainer: Trial
  13. Unlawful Detainer: Judgment and Posttrial Proceedings
  14. Tenant Bankruptcies: Relief From Stay, Rent Claims, and Lease Issues


Original Authors:

  • Myron Moskovitz
  • Nancy C. Lenvin
  • Brian Brophy
  • Robert S. Coldren
  • Christa Conry
  • Lynn N. Dover
  • Terry Dowdall
  • Scott A. Freedman
  • Francisco Gutierrez
  • Ronald S. Javor
  • Ted Kimball
  • Linda J. Lester
  • Tracey L. Merrell
  • Sonya Bekoff Molho
  • James Morales
  • Nancy J. Newman
  • Michael Rawson
  • Paul E. Smith
  • Patricia H. Tirey
  • E. Houston Touceda
  • Mohammad Walizadeh
  • Andrew J. Wiegel

Update Authors:

  • Christa Conry
  • Francisco Gutierrez
  • Ronald S. Javor
  • Lorraine Lopez
  • Tracey L. Merrell
  • Rahman Popal
  • Paul E. Smith
  • Mohammad Walizadeh

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