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California Law of Contracts 2024

California Law of Contracts 2024

A fresh and up-to-date alternative for business lawyers seeking to ensure that their contracts are fully enforceable and for litigators seeking to challenge enforceability.

  • Clear and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of contract law
  • Integrated discussion of current California case law and Civil Code sections
  • Chapter outlines and extensive index enable quick location of topics of interest
  • Capacity, consent, legality, consideration
  • Offer and acceptance, formalities, electronic contracting
  • Contract interpretation, modification, waiver
  • Representations, warranties, covenants, conditions
  • Assignment and delegation, third-party beneficiaries, joint and several obligations
  • Performance or breach of contract
  • Selected enforcement issues, damages, injunctive and declaratory relief
  • Commercial code provisions
  • Selected international issues
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Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction to the California Law of Contracts
  • 2. Contract Formation: Capacity to Contract
  • 3. Contract Formation: Consent, Legality, Consideration
  • 4. Contract Formation: Offer and Acceptance, Formalities, Electronic Contracting
  • 5. Contract Interpretation, Modification, Waiver
  • 6. Representations, Warranties, Covenants, Conditions, Indemnities
  • 7. Assignment and Delegation, Third Party Beneficiaries, and Joint and Several Obligations
  • 8. Performance or Breach of Contract
  • 9. Selected Enforcement Issues
  • 10. Remedies: Damages
  • 11. Remedies: Injunctive and Declaratory Relief; Other Remedies
  • 12. Remedies: Commercial Code
  • 13. Selected International Issues


  • George W. Kuney
  • Donna C. Looper

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