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California Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure Litigation

California Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Foreclosure Litigation

“ . . . quite simply, the leading treatise on the complexities of how to enforce loans secured by California real estate. It is a formidable tool; its organization makes it easy to use, and my colleagues and I use it many times each week.” 
Maura O’Connor, O'Connor Cochran LLP, Los Angeles

Foreclosures, loan modifications, and consumer protections—all in one book. Avoid costly mistakes with the most up-to-date guidance, covering both federal and state mortgage law, from the late Roger Bernhardt, Chuck Hansen, and other experts.

  • Conduct trustee sales (nonjudicial foreclosure)
  • Challenge sales under HBOR; new complaint forms
  • Apply Dodd-Frank Act & CFPB regulations
  • Use benefits of one-action and antideficiency rules
  • Negotiate short sales and receivership sales
  • Underwater property; commercial loan-workout forms
  • Enforce loans against debtors in bankruptcy; lien-stripping
  • Debtor strategies; defending foreclosures & stay relief motions
  • Judicial foreclosure, deficiency judgment, and redemption
  • Rents and leases; priorities; guarantors
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Table of Contents

  • 1. Basics of Real Property Secured Transactions
  • 2. Trustee Sales
  • 3. Judicial Foreclosure
  • 4. Code of Civil Procedure §726(a): The One-Action Rule
  • 5. The Antideficiency Rules
  • 6. Receiverships, Rents, and Leases
  • 7. Debtor Strategies
  • 8. Payment and Related Disputes
  • 9. Multiple Security, Obligations, and Parties
  • 10. Workouts of Problem Loans
  • 11. Enforcing Secured Loans Against Debtors in Bankruptcy
  • 12. Lender and Broker Liability
  • 13. Special Issues in Consumer Residential Mortgage Loans


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