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California Real Estate Brokers: Law and Litigation

California Real Estate Brokers: Law and Litigation

Winner of the ACLEA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Publications

Detailed descriptions of real estate broker responsibilities in both residential and commercial transactions in California. Fully covers the relationship between brokers, salespersons, and their clients in acquiring, selling, and leasing real property. The book comprehensively analyzes:

  • State regulation, licensing, and discipline of brokers and salespersons
  • A broker’s common law and statutory duties
  • Broker responsibilities in short sales and loan modifications
  • Negotiating and modifying property listing agreements
  • Broker liabilities to principals and third parties
  • Trial tactics and strategies, including the use of “standard of care” expert witnesses
  • Defending a broker in administrative and ADR proceedings and at trial
  • Resolving commission disputes
  • In-depth discussion of broker errors and omissions policies
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Volume 1

  • 1. Overview of Real Estate Brokerage
  • 2. Broker Contracts
  • 3. Agency: Broker Fiduciary and Statutory Duties
  • 4. Broker Liabilities to Principals and Third Parties
  • 5. Principal’s Duties, Liabilities, and Defenses
  • 6. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • 7. Broker Compensation and Claims
  • 8. Regulation of Brokers
  • 9. Disciplinary Procedures
  • Volume 2

  • 10. Broker Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance
  • 11. Litigation: Suing and Defending Brokers
  • 12. Trial Tactics and Strategies
  • 13. Standard of Care Experts


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