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California Real Property Sales Transactions

California Real Property Sales Transactions

This book guides you through commercial and residential real estate purchase and sale transactions, from the time a client enters your office until the close of escrow.

  • Broker contracts and compensation; broker duties and liabilities
  • Letters of intent, deeds, sample CAR forms
  • General commercial sales agreements, specialty hotel clauses, ancillary closing documents
  • Extensive due diligence checklist
  • Escrow and closing the sale; state & federal withholding requirements (including FIRPTA); form escrow instructions
  • Short sales, including antideficiency protections under CCP §580e
  • Property and liability insurance considerations
  • Hazardous waste considerations
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Table of Contents

  1. Lawyer's Role in Real Property Sales
  2. Real Estate Brokers
  3. Letters of Intent
  4. The Purchase and Sale Agreement
  5. Specialty Commercial Provisions: Hotels
  6. Residential Purchase and Sales Transactions
  7. Hazardous Waste Considerations
  8. Options, Rights of First Refusal, Puts, and Similar Rights
  9. Seller Financing
  10. Deeds
  11. Descriptions of Property
  12. Convenants of Title
  13. Property Insurance
  14. Liability Insurance: Selected Issues Pertinent to Sales
  15. Escrow and Closing the Sale


Original Authors:

  • Randall I. Barkan
  • Jeffrey H. Belote
  • Peter Brian Bothel
  • Timothy N. Brown
  • Gordon K. Eng
  • Sherry L. Geyer
  • Theani C. Louskos
  • Laura S. Lowe
  • Peter S. Munoz
  • Howard L. Pearlman
  • Scott A. Sommer
  • Stephen Stwora-Hail
  • Timothy R. Sullivan
  • William D. Wick

Update Authors:

  • Holly Barberi
  • Mark Carlson
  • Joanne L. Dunec
  • Gordon K. Eng
  • Stacie A. Goeddel
  • Jose E. Mendoza
  • Howard l. Pearlman
  • Scott A. Sommer
  • Stephen Stwora-Hail
  • Timothy R. Sullivan
  • William D. Wick
  • Mary E. Work

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