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California Subdivision Map Act and the Development Process

California Subdivision Map Act and the Development Process

Clearly explains a highly technical area of the law. The late Robert E. Merritt and the late Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. compiled years of experience and knowledge into this thorough resource covering the nuances of the Subdivision Map Act.

  • Subdivisions covered by the Map Act
  • Required maps: parcel maps versus final maps
  • Attorney’s role in processing subdivision maps
  • Coordinating Map Act approvals with other land use authorizations
  • Using vesting tentative map to acquire vested development rights
  • Certification forms necessary for formal compliance with Map Act
  • Enforcement and judicial review
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. History, Purpose, and Preemption
  • 2. Subdivisions Covered by Subdivision Map Act
  • 3. Determining Which Map Is Required
  • 4. Coordinating Map Act Approvals With Other Land Use Authorizations
  • 5. Processing Subdivision Maps: Attorney’s Role
  • 6. Regulation of Subdivisions: The Police Power, Dedication, and Impact Fees
  • 6A. Use of Local Government Districts to Provide Services and Facilities
  • 7. Acquiring Vested Rights
  • 8. Map Conditions
  • 9. Map Approvals and Denials
  • 10. Map Standards and Requirements
  • 11. Enforcement
  • 12. Reversions and Exclusions
  • 13. Judicial Review


    Original Authors

  • Daniel J. Curtin, Jr.
  • Robert E. Merritt
  • Curtis C. Sproul
  • Update Author

  • Matthew S. Gray

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