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California Summary Judgment 2023

California Summary Judgment 2023

Published August 2023

Covers all you need to know to move for or oppose motions for summary judgment or summary adjudication—includes the latest case, statutory, and rule developments.

  • Use the checklists, judicial perspectives, and practice tips to handle the nuts and bolts of these motions
    • —Learn key timing factors and legal criteria for a motion
    • —Understand evidentiary burdens on moving and opposing parties
    • —Decide when to move for alternative relief
  • Anticipate strategies the other side will use
  • Make effective courtroom presentations to win or to defeat a summary judgment or summary adjudication motion
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. Strategic Overview
  • 2. Availability of Relief
  • 3. Timing Requirements and Planning Strategies
  • 4. Evidentiary Burdens and Presumptions
  • 5. Developing and Proffering Evidence
  • 6. Moving Papers
  • 7. Opposition Papers
  • 8. Reply Papers
  • 9. Objections to Evidence
  • 10. Hearing and Oral Argument
  • 11. Decision and Order
  • 12. Challenging the Decision
  • 13. Considerations in Particular Cases: Unlawful Detainer and Employment Discrimination
  • 14. Forms


    Original Authors

  • Stephen G. Blitch
  • Michael C. Denison
  • James Neudecker
  • Marshall C. Wallace
  • Mary N. Abbott
  • Valerie T. McGinty
  • Hon. Ronald S. Prager
  • Roy G. Weatherup

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