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California Trust Administration

California Trust Administration

All trustee responsibilities, legal duties, liabilities, and common administrative problems at your fingertips.

  • Trustee’s duties, standards, and powers
  • Rejection of trust; resignation and removal of trustee
  • Investments and management of trust assets
  • Record keeping and accounting
  • Trustee compensation and attorney fees
  • Creditor’s rights against trust and beneficiaries
  • Income taxation of trusts and estate tax returns
  • Administering single-person trust after settlor’s death
  • Marital subtrust funding and long-term trust administration
  • Administering moderate married settlor trust on first spouse's death
  • Court proceedings
  • Modification, revocation, and termination of trust

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Table of Contents

  1. The Role of the Attorney
  2. Overview of Trustee's Duties, Standards, and Powers
  3. Cotrustees and Shared Fiduciary Powers
  4. Rejection of Trust; Resignation and Removal of Trustee
  5. Investments and Management of Assets
  6. Managing Specific Trust Assets
  7. Recordkeeping and Accounting
  8. Principal and Income
  9. Trustee Compensation, Attorney Fees, and Other Administrative Costs
  10. Creditors' Rights Against the Trust
    1. Beneficiary's Creditor's Rights Against the Trust
  11. Income Taxation of Trusts
  12. Estate Tax Returns
  13. Administering Single-Person Trust After Settlor's Death
    1. Administering Moderate Married Settlor Trust After First Death 
  14. Subtrust Allocation and Funding on the Death of the First Spouse
    1. Further Steps After the Death of the First Spouse
  15. Court Proceedings
  16. Modification, Revocation, and Termination of Trust 
  17. Long-Term Trust Administration


Second Edition Authors:

  • Karen E. Anderson
  • Michael Antin
  • Alexandra Laboutin Bannon
  • Paul J. Barulich
  • James P. Bessolo
  • Elizabeth Anne Bird
  • Sarah S. Broomer
  • Sandra J. Chan
  • Christine L. Craig
  • David B. Gaw
  • Bruce Givner
  • Dibby Allan Green
  • Margaret M. Hand
  • Ann C. Harris
  • Scott J. Judson
  • James P. Lamping
  • Michael Patiky Miller
  • Ruth A. Phelps
  • Sandra Price
  • Bart J. Schenone
  • Marc M. Stern
  • Chelsea J. Suttmann
  • Michael L. Taylor
  • Robert S. Tippett
  • May Lee Tong

Update Authors:

  • Sarah S. Broomer
  • Jeffrey C. DeFrancisco
  • David B. Gaw
  • Bruce Givner
  • James P. Lamping
  • May Lee Tong
  • Kate Willcox

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