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Crossover Issues in Estate Planning and Family Law

Crossover Issues in Estate Planning and Family Law

This book, in a single volume, addresses the overlapping family law and estate planning issues your clients may face. Address their needs and avoid malpractice by knowing how family law and estate planning rules intersect at critical points in your clients’ lives.

  • Permissible subjects of premarital and preregistration agreements
  • Characterization of assets and transmutation
  • Estate planning actions prohibited or permitted during dissolution
  • Family law concepts applicable to decedents’ estates
  • Retirement benefits and other deferred compensation
  • Incapacity issues in family law and probate proceedings
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction: Issues in Estate Planning and Family Law
  • 2. Premarital and Preregistration Agreements
  • 3. Issues During Marriage, Registered Domestic Partnership, and Cohabitation
  • 4. Issues at Dissolution or Legal Separation
  • 5. Issues on Death of Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner
  • 6. Retirement Benefits and Other Deferred Compensation
  • 7. Incapacity Issues in Family Law and Probate Proceedings
  • 8. Frequently Used Estate Planning Terms and Abbreviations


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  • Nordin F. Blacker
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  • Christopher M. Moore
  • Virginia Palmer
  • Charles M. Riffle
  • Jenny Wald
  • Update Authors

  • Meera N. Balat
  • Craig Bridwell
  • Jermey Crickard
  • Lily M. Harris
  • Jeffrey Jaech
  • Mara M. (Erlach) Mahana
  • Alexandra R. Martin
  • Richard R. Muir
  • Nicole Nuzzo
  • Staci C. Simonton

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