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Debt Collection Practice in California

Debt Collection Practice in California

Learn from the experts on both sides of this critical area of law. Obtain powerful judgments—and then collect on them! Or discover effective defense strategies and how to respond to a judgment. Understand the traps, tricks, and regulations of collections practice, including:

  • Compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act—a major litigation risk
  • Complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts
  • How to bring and try creditor actions
  • Obtaining and satisfying money judgments
  • Wage garnishments, charging orders, liens, and other remedies
  • Best debtor defenses before and after judgment
  • Enforcing family law judgments
  • Critical Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumer debt regulations
  • Collecting from or defending decedent debtor estates
  • Dozens of Judicial Council forms and sample pleadings
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Table of Contents

  • 1. Representing the Creditor
  • 2. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts
  • 2A. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • 2B. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • 2C. Privacy Laws Affecting Debtors and Debt Collection
  • 3. Starting the Action
  • 4. Representing the Debtor Before Judgment
  • 4A. Representing the Debtor After Entry of Money Judgment
  • 5. Discovery in Debt Collection Actions
  • 6. Prejudgment Remedies
  • 7. Obtaining, Renewing, and Satisfying Judgment
  • 8. The Debtor’s Property
  • 9. Writ Enforcement; Exemptions; Homesteads
  • 10. Wage Garnishment
  • 11. Miscellaneous Remedies
  • 12. Bankruptcy Considerations: Representing Debtors and Creditors in Bankruptcy
  • 13. Debt Collection and Family Law
  • 14. Dealing With a Deceased Debtor


  • Kenneth H. Brown
  • June D. Coleman
  • Richard L. Enkelis
  • Irwin J. Eskanos
  • Raymond R. Goldstein
  • Scott J. Hyman
  • David D. Little
  • Iain A. MacDonald
  • Gregory C. Nuti
  • Philip J. Rhodes
  • Roger R. Rubin
  • Eric J. Troutman
  • Brian N. Winn
  • Alisa Givental
  • Scott J. Hyman
  • Austin B. Kenney
  • Jen Lee
  • Roger R. Rubin
  • Eric J. Troutman
  • Genevieve R. Walser-Jolly

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