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Dividing Pensions and Other Employee Benefits in California Divorces

Dividing Pensions and Other Employee Benefits in California Divorces

Written by specialists using a task-oriented approach, this book guides you confidently through California and applicable federal law.

  • Learn key procedural steps, including interim court orders, to secure all employee benefits on divorce
  • Effectively deal with both corporate and union employee benefit plans
  • Understand how to characterize/divide benefits under private and public California and federal benefit plans, including PERS, STRS, military, railroad, and civil service
  • Determine types of ERISA benefit coverage and how to utilize/draft QDROs; avoid preemption issues
  • Appropriately use "time rule" divisions and "Gillmore" orders
  • Accurately divide/allocate interests in stock options, 401(k)s, executive and small business plans, and IRA accounts
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. Case Assessment and Planning
  • 2. Initial Procedures and Pretrial Orders
  • 3. Discovery and Valuation of Employee Benefits
  • 4. Settlement-, Trial-, and Judgment-Related Matters
  • 5. Employee Benefit Plans Governed by ERISA
  • 6. Use of QDROs to Divide Employee Benefits and Provide for Support
  • 7. Review of QDROs by Corporate Employee Benefit Plans
  • 8. Review of QDROs by Union Employee Benefit Plans
  • 9. Employee Welfare and Other Nonpension Benefits
  • 10. Stock Options and Benefits Under Executive Business Plans
  • 11. IRA Accounts and Small-Employer Plans
  • 12. California Public Employees’ Retirement System Benefits
  • 13. California State Teachers’ Retirement System Benefits
  • 14. County and Municipal Employee Benefits
  • 15. Federal Employees’ Retirement System Benefits
  • 16. Civil Service Retirement System Benefits
  • 17. Military Retirement Benefits
  • 18. Railroad Retirement Benefits


    Original Authors

  • Marie Bechtel
  • Shannon Elms
  • Sara L. Ennor
  • Debra S. Frank
  • Darren J. Goodman
  • Richard K. Grosboll
  • Wayne S. Jacobsen
  • Susan L. Jeffries
  • Lawrence E. Leone
  • Richard R. Muir
  • Teresa S. Renaker
  • Cassie Springer Ayeni
  • Joan M. Wetherell
  • Marshal S. Willick
  • Cindy Lynn Wofford
  • Deborah Elizabeth Zolla
  • Marshall S. Zolla
  • Update Authors

  • Debra S. Frank
  • Darren J. Goodman
  • Richard K. Grosboll
  • Suzanne Hunsinger
  • Richard R. Muir
  • Teresa S. Renaker
  • Marshal S. Willick

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