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Estate Planning 2023

Estate Planning 2023

Published September 2023

This collection of papers from the 45th Annual UCLA/CEB Estate Planning Institute offers you expert knowledge and in-depth analyses of problems in the estate planning field.

The contents include:

  • California Developments
  • IRS Priorities in Estate and Gift Tax Audits
  • Attorney-Client Privilege After In re Grand Jury
  • So You Want to be a Superstar: How the Estate Planner Can Become a Key Witness in the Marital Dissolution
  • Real Property Entity Transfer/Prop 19 Status
  • Drafting California Trusts Beyond the Statutes
  • Current Developments in Federal Law
  • Vacation Homes and Estate Planning Strategies 
  • Ethical Challenges in Dealing with Clients Experiencing Diminishing Capacity
  • Estate Planning for Difficult Assets (Firearms, Cannabis, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs)
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. Current California Developments
  • 2. Spendthrift Trusts & Creditor Protection
  • 3. How to Avoid Litigation in the Planning Stage
  • 4. Premarital Estate Planning & Divorce Awareness Among Estate Planners
  • 5. IRS & Audits
  • 6. Trust & Estate Scouting Report: Uncovering Tax & Fiduciary Trends to Better Plan & Prepare
  • 7. Multistate Estate Planning Techniques
  • 8. Trust Revocation & Modification: What is the Law These Days & Does Location Matter?
  • 9. Ten Pitfalls to Avoid With International Trusts


    Original Authors

  • Jay D. Adkisson
  • Dr. Gerry W. Beyer
  • Cynthia (Cindy) D. Brittain
  • Kalyani Chandra
  • Hon. Reva G. Goetz (Ret.)
  • Laurelle M. Gutierrez
  • John A. Hartog
  • Patrick A. Kohlmann
  • S. Andrew Pharies
  • Mark S. Poochigian
  • Bill Sanderson
  • Vivian Lee Thoreen
  • Peter M. Walzer
  • Kimberly R. Willoughby

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