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Family Law Financial Discovery

Family Law Financial Discovery

Successfully obtain all the information needed to divide community property, confirm separate property, determine support, and claim attorney fees and costs.

  • Identify and gather all financial data, including ESI
  • Leverage mandatory disclosure rules to uncover income, assets, and debts
  • Create focused discovery plans for specific property
  • Determine when and how to use key civil discovery tools
  • Learn to use experts as discovery consultants and witnesses at trial
  • Use mediation and collaborative methods without compromising discovery
  • Understand privacy and privilege-based discovery limits
  • Obtain protective orders against improper discovery
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. General Planning Considerations for Financial Discovery
  • 2. Role of Informal Discovery and Disclosure Declarations in Obtaining Financial Information
  • 3. Using Formal Discovery Methods in Family Law Cases
  • 4. Privileges, Privacy, and Other Limitations on Discovery
  • 5. Discovery Issues Raised by Use of Mediation and Collaborative Practice
  • 6. Use of Experts as Consultants and Witnesses in the Financial Discovery Process
  • 7. Child and Spousal Support Issues
  • 8. Date of Separation and General Property Division Issues
  • 9. Attorney Fees, Costs, and Sanctions Issues
  • 10. Income and Benefits From Employment
  • 11. Investments, Rents, Royalties, and Miscellaneous Income Sources
  • 12. Financial Interests in Small Businesses or Professional Practices
  • 13. Nonbusiness Real and Personal Property
  • 14. Personal Expenses and Debts Unsecured by Real Property
  • 15. Ability to Earn, Medical or Psychological Condition, and Vocational Prospects
  • 16. Court-Supervised and -Compelled Discovery
  • 17. Setting Aside Judgment for Disclosure Violations
  • 18. Obtaining Protective Orders
  • 19. Sealing Court Records Having Financial Information


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