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Fiduciary Accounting Handbook 2024

Fiduciary Accounting Handbook 2024

“This must-have resource for any trust and estate practitioner or fiduciary is written in a practical and easy-to-understand style replete with 'how-to' illustrations and alerts.”
Keith Schiller, Esq., Schiller Law Group, Orinda

The Fiduciary Accounting Handbook demystifies preparation of Probate Code accountings—assisting the work of professionals from probate judges to trust administration attorneys. With a full chapter on court proceedings, the latest edition of the Handbook provides a step-by-step, schedule-by-schedule guide to preparing periodic accountings acceptable to the court and to affected parties.

  • Two complete sample accountings, as well as separate sample schedules downloadable as Excel spreadsheets
  • Common mistakes found in fiduciary accountings
  • Practical explanation of when and how to make adjustments between income and principal
  • The rules scattered throughout the Probate Code organized into clear instructions to produce the accountings judges want to see
  • Separate chapters devoted to receipts, gains and losses, disbursements, and distributions
  • Recordkeeping checklist to ensure preparation of an acceptable accounting
  • Form engagement letter and helpful advice for working effectively with CPAs to produce an accurate accounting
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Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction and Sample Accountings
  • 2. Types of Fiduciaries and the Various Duties to Account
  • 3. Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act
  • 4. Preparing the Accounting, Step by Step
  • 5. Assets on Hand—Beginning of Period
  • 6. Additional Property Received During Period of Account
  • 7. Receipts
  • 8. Gains and Losses
  • 9. Disbursements
  • 10. Distributions
  • 11. Assets on Hand—End of Period
  • 12. Auxiliary Schedules
  • 13. Summary of Account, Reconciliation
  • 14. Court Proceedings
  • 15. Project Management and Useful Miscellanea
  • 16. Frequently Asked Questions


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