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Ground Lease Practice 2024

Ground Lease Practice 2024

Be ready to explain the intricacies of a ground lease to your client with the only California-specific book that has all the information you need.

  • Expert practical advice on reviewing, negotiating, and drafting commercial ground leases
  • Focus on development and single-user ground leases, with complete forms
  • Analysis of financing, tax, and default issues
  • Initial development, termination, and surrender issues analyzed
  • Discussion of issues arising from both landlord and tenant bankruptcies
  • Analysis of options to extend and purchase, and other preemptive rights
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Table of Contents

  1. Unique Characteristics of Ground Leases
  2. Tax Considerations
  3. Parties, Interest, and Premises
  4. Conditions to Effectiveness of Lease
  5. Lease Term, Option to Extend, Termination, Surrender, and Holdover
  6. Option to Purchase and Other Preemptive Purchase Rights
  7. Rent, Expense Allocations, Security Deposits, and Other Payments
  8. Use Clauses
  9. Hazardous Materials
  10. Initial Development of Improvements
  11. Ground Lease Financing, Subordination of Fee, Encumbrance
  12. Asignment and Subletting
  13. Maintenance, Repairs, and Alterations During Lease Term 
  14. Condemnation 
  15. Damage, Destruction, Reconstruction, Insurance, Indemnity
  16. Defaults and Remedies
  17. Bankruptcy Issues


Original Authors:

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  • Yvette Green
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  • Matthew P. Seeberger
  • Kenneth J. Stipanov
  • Joan H. Story
  • Debra S. Summers
  • Walter R. Turner
  • Ira J. Waldman
  • Alan Wayte
  • Justin B. White
  • Timothy S. Williams

Update Authors:

  • Katharine Allen
  • Kevin T. Collins
  • Joanne L. Dunec
  • Bradford B. Kuhn
  • Michael R. Leake
  • Weston B. Rockers
  • Stephen T. Toohill
  • Timothy S. Williams

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