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Handling a Wrongful Termination Action

Handling a Wrongful Termination Action

This useful guide leads the plaintiff’s attorney through representation of terminated employees, from case evaluation to posttrial motions. Includes sample complaints.

Coverage includes:

  • Interviewing Terminated Employee Client
  • Evaluating the Case to Determine Whether Termination Was Wrongful
  • Drafting the Complaint
  • Trial and After Trial
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • I. When Interviewing Terminated Employee-Client
  • II. When Evaluating the Case to Determine Whether the Termination Was Wrongful
  • III. When Determining Whether to Pursue Other Potential Tort Claims
  • IV. When Evaluating Related Tort Claims
  • V. When Evaluating Remedies Available Under Applicable Legal Theories
  • VI. Before Pursuing Litigation
  • VII. Before Drafting the Complaint
  • VIII. When Drafting the Complaint
  • IX. After Filing The Complaint
  • X. After Trial


    Original Author

  • William M. Crosby

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