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Handling Subpoenas

Handling Subpoenas

Guides the attorney who wants to subpoena testimony or records in pretrial discovery and at trial.


  • how to request the attendance of parties and non-parties to the action at a civil trial or other nondeposition proceeding
  • how to serve a deposition or civil subpoena, pay witness fees and costs, request production of records, and anticipate objections to subpoenas and witnesses who disobey subpoenas
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • I. Before Issuing a Subpoena
  • II. Seeking Discovery From a Witness
  • III. Requesting Attendance or Production at a Civil Trial or Other Nondeposition Proceeding
  • IV. Serving the Deposition or Civil Subpoena
  • V. Paying Witness Fees and Costs
  • VI. Requesting Production of Consumer Records at Deposition or Trial
  • VII. Requesting Production of Employment Records at Deposition or Trial
  • VIII. Seeking Electronically Stored Information
  • IX. Anticipating Objections to Subpoenas
  • X. Handling the Witness Who Disobeys a Subpoena


    Original Author

  • Katherine S. Eaton

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