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Meeting Statutory Deadlines: Workers Compensation 12/2023 action guide

Meeting Statutory Deadlines: Workers Compensation 12/2023 action guide

This guide describes available workers’ compensation benefits and sets out the necessary procedures and deadlines for attorneys representing injured employees and for attorneys representing employers, insurers, or lien claimants. Includes comprehensive coverage of SB 863 and recently adopted emergency regulations.

Features of the guide include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of SB 863, including changes to workers’ compensation benefits, procedures, and statutory deadlines
  • Emergency regulations adopted to implement SB 863
    New steps on: requesting and pursuing independent medical review when employer modifies, delays, or denies treatment recommendation; requesting and pursuing independent bill review when provider objects to amount paid by employer
  • Discussion of amended deadlines for filing lien claims as well as new filing and activation fees

Coverage includes:

  • Before Taking the Workers’ Compensation Case
  • Before and After Meeting With Employee
  • Representing Employees, Employers, Insurers, or Lien Claimants
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit
  • Requesting and Obtaining Medical Evaluations
  • After Determining Deadlines
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • I. Before Taking a Workers’ Compensation Case
  • II. Before and After Meeting With Employee Client
  • III. When Industrial Injury Has Occurred
  • IV. Medical Treatment—In General
  • V. Medical Treatment Disputes
  • VI. Requesting and Obtaining Medical Evaluations
  • VII. Medical Treatment Within Medical Provider Networks (MPNs)
  • VIII. Medical Treatment Disputes Within Medical Provider Networks (MPNs)
  • IX. Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Indemnity
  • X. Permanent Disability (PD) Indemnity
  • XI. Death Benefits
  • XII. Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) and Return-to-Work Supplement Program
  • XIII. Filing a Claim With the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB)
  • XIV. Reconsideration, Removal, and Judicial Review
  • XV. Supplemental Proceedings


    Original Authors

  • Glenn D. Olsen
  • Hon. Joanna Stevenson

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