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Practice Under the California Environmental Quality Act

Practice Under the California Environmental Quality Act

Authors Stephen Kostka and Michael Zischke cover CEQA practice from all possible perspectives and provide you with invaluable practice tips and expert legal analysis. This definitive guide is the CEQA book often cited by the California Supreme Court.

  • Climate change and greenhouse gas emission analysis
  • CEQA coverage and exemptions
  • EIR versus Negative Declaration
  • Public review and scoping process
  • Content and adequacy requirements for EIRs
  • Project approval
  • Mitigation measures and monitoring programs
  • Interplay between CEQA and other statutes
  • Joint federal/state environmental documents
  • CEQA litigation and judicial review
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Table of Contents

  • 1. Overview of CEQA Process
  • 2. Attorney’s Role in CEQA Process
  • 3. Role of Public Agencies in CEQA Process
  • 4. Is the Activity a Project?
  • 5. Is the Project Exempt?
  • 6. Initial Study: Will Project Have Significant Effect on Environment?
  • 7. Procedural and Substantive Requirements for Negative Declarations
  • 8. Determining Scope and Contents of EIR
  • 9. Requirements for Preparation and Review of Draft EIRs
  • 10. CEQA Streamlining and Special EIR Processes
  • 11. Substantive Requirements for EIRs
  • 12. Project Description, Setting, and Baseline
  • 13. Significant Environmental Effects
  • 14. Mitigation Measures
  • 15. Project Alternatives
  • 16. Final EIRs
  • 17. Project Approval and Findings
  • 18. Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting
  • 19. Subsequent CEQA Review
  • 20. Relationship Between CEQA and Other Statutes and Programs
  • 21. Certified Regulatory Programs
  • 22. Joint Federal-State Environmental Documents
  • 23. CEQA Litigation


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