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Practice Under the California Family Code: Dissolution, Legal Separation, Nullity 2024

Practice Under the California Family Code: Dissolution, Legal Separation, Nullity 2024

Published March 2024

“Almost everything you need to know, and were afraid to ask, is in that book!”
Barbara E. McNamara, Attorney-at-Law, CFLS, Huntington Beach

“I have my own family law firm, and I always give CEB's book to employees I'm training. I use it on a regular basis. It's an important part of my practice.”
Douglas Robin, Attorney-at-Law, CFLS, Robin, Ferguson & Kempton, Menlo Park

Gain a complete command of everything needed to handle dissolution, legal separation, nullity, and parentage actions from both judicial and attorney perspectives—kept current with the latest cases, legislation, and court rules. The highlights formerly included in a companion pamphlet have now been integrated into the text.

  • Petitioning and responding
  • Handling evidentiary issues and presentations
  • Obtaining temporary and longer orders
    • Child custody, visitation, and parentage
    • Child and spousal support
    • Attorney fees/costs; and DVPA related
  • Modifying and enforcing orders
  • Complying with mandatory disclosure and discovery rules
  • Characterizing, valuing, and dividing property
  • Addressing bankruptcy, immigration, psychological, and ethical issues in family law cases
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Part I. From the Contributing Editors

  • 1. Perspectives From the Family Law Bench
  • 2. The Intersection of Civil Litigation and Therapeutic Jurisprudence—With a Dash of Constitutional Law
  • Part II. Substantive Law

  • 3. Dissolution, Legal Separation, and Nullity
  • 4. Jurisdiction and Venue
  • 5. Property
  • 6. Spousal Support
  • 7. Child Custody and Visitation
  • 8. Child Support
  • 8A. Parentage
  • 9. Attorney Fees and Costs
  • Part III. Procedure

  • 10. Petition, Response, and Related Matters
  • 11. Temporary Orders
  • 12. Joinder
  • 13. Discovery and Declarations of Disclosure
  • 14. Uncontested Proceedings
  • 15. Pretrial Procedures and Trial Preparation
  • 16. Trial
  • 17. Judgment After Trial
  • 18. Attack on Judgment in the Trial Court
  • 19. Appeals and Writs
  • 20. Enforcement
  • 21. Modification
  • Part IV. Related Issues

  • 22. Family Law and Bankruptcy
  • 23. Professional Responsibility in Family Law Practice
  • 24. Psychological Aspects of Dissolution
  • 25. Evidence Issues and Presentations in Family Law Proceedings
  • 26. Immigration Issues in Family Law Cases


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