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Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California

Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California

Understand best practices in cyber security and data breach protection—and how to avoid penalties and lawsuits. Learn how to collect and protect customer data, health care data, children’s data, and employee data within California, the U.S., and worldwide. Discover practical guidance for business, finance, health care, and employers on California and federal data and security law—and the critical new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  •      Collecting customer data: statutory requirements; privacy policies, security measures
  • Implementing strict new GDPR regulations
  • Online marketing to and collecting children’s data
  • Sending commercial e-mail and telemarketing
  • Complex HIPAA regulation compliance
  • Employee privacy rights and employer obligations
  • Avoiding identity theft
  • Class actions for data breach: causes of action, standing, trial issues
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • 1. Challenges of Privacy Compliance and Litigation
  • 2. Common Law and Constitutional Privacy Protection
  • 3. Information Security and Security Breach
  • 4. Internet and Electronic Privacy
  • 5. Marketing and Sales Regulation
  • 6. Financial Data Privacy
  • 7. Health Information Privacy
  • 8. Workplace Privacy
  • 9. International Personal Data Protection and Cross-Border Data Transfers
  • 10. Identity Theft
  • 10A. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018
  • 11. Global Jurisdiction Over Privacy, Breach of Security, and Internet Activity Claims
  • 12. Class Actions, Data Breach Litigation, and Privacy Concerns Before and During Trial


    Original Authors

  • Jonathan D. Avila
  • Matthew J. Cooney
  • Françoise Gilbert
  • Robert V. Hale II
  • Catherine D. Meyer
  • Colin T. Murphy
  • Denise Olrich
  • Sheila M. Pierce
  • Denis T. Rice
  • Jeewon K. Serrato
  • Paul T. Smith
  • James G. Snell
  • Ronald J. Souza
  • Nichole L. Sterling
  • Genevieve R. Walser-Jolly
  • Roy G. Weatherup
  • Update Authors

  • Michael D. Abraham
  • Jonathan D. Avila
  • Andrea L. Frey
  • Austin B. Kenney
  • Catherine D. Meyer
  • Jennifer L. Mitchell
  • Denise Olrich
  • Matthew D. Pearson
  • Kerry K. Sakimoto
  • Jeewon K. Serrato
  • Paul T. Smith
  • Nichole L. Sterling
  • Genevieve R. Walser-Jolly

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