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Selecting and Forming Business Entities

Selecting and Forming Business Entities

What’s the most critical part of starting a business? Choosing the right entity! Find out quickly if your client needs a corporation, partnership, or LLC and get the myriad, required state forms you’ll need to file. Then gain powerful expertise drafting effective articles and operating agreements.

  • Includes relevant provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and all subsequent IRS guidance
  • Hundreds of agency forms and custom, annotated, attorney-drafted operating agreements
  • Evaluating entity choices
  • Choosing and registering the business name
  • Formation requirements for general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships, including annotated forms of partnership agreements
  • Guidance on forming S, C, and close corporations
  • Tricks of forming law and medical professional corporations, with complete articles, bylaws, and registration forms
  • LLC formation, operation, and detailed short and long-form operating agreements
  • Converting existing entities to LLCs
  • When and why to use social purpose or benefit corporations
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Table of Contents

  • 1. Attorney-Client Relationship
  • 2. Evaluating Entity Choices
  • 3. Selecting a Business Name
  • 4. Choosing the State of Organization
  • 5. General Partnerships
  • 6. Limited Partnerships
  • 7. Limited Liability Partnerships
  • 7A. Social Purpose and Benefit Corporations
  • 8. S and C Corporations
  • 9. Close Corporations
  • 10. Professional Corporations
  • 11. Limited Liability Companies
  • 12. Converting Existing Entity to Limited Liability Company


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