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Taking Security Interests in Personal Property 2021

Taking Security Interests in Personal Property 2021

Published December 2021

This helpful guide explains, from the perspective of counsel for the secured party, how to obtain quickly and perfect a security interest that gives priority over other creditors if a debtor defaults or goes bankrupt. Now includes details of "UCC Connect" for submission of UCC filings, inquiries, orders for copies, and debtor search certificates.

Coverage includes:

  • Perfecting by Filing Financial Statement
  • Perfecting Interest in Goods, Negotiable Documents, Instruments, or Investment Property
  • Obtaining Purchase Money Priority
  • Preparing a Written Security Agreement
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Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • I. Reviewing Client's Plan to Grant Credit
  • II. Perfecting by Filing Financing Statemnt
  • III. Perfecting Interest in Negotiable Documents, Instruments, and Investment Property
  • IV. Perfecting Interest in a Deposit Account
  • V. Perfecting Interest in Intellectual Property
  • VI. Perfecting Interest in Goods - Special Situations
  • VII. Obtaining Purchase-Money Priority
  • VIII. Perfecting and Obtaining Priority in Fixtures
  • IX. Preparing Written Security Agreement
  • X. Examining Transaction Before Granting Credit
  • XI. Consummating Transaction
  • XII. Monitoring Transaction After Closing
  • XIII. Releasing Part of Collateral After Debtor Pays Part of Debt
  • XIV. Providing Termination Statement After Debt Paid and Obligations Satisfied


    Original Authors

  • Loren Kessler Higgins
  • Kate Ferrara

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